How An Ultrasound Can Expand The Choices For A Pregnant Woman

In the early years of life, children who are yet too young to understand the adult nature of sex are often told the story of a stork, a large bird flying by homes to drop off the delivery of a baby. As youth grow older and begin to understand more of the world around them, the fable becomes less and less believable-- until eventually a full grasp of the baby making process becomes clear. Unfortunately, even with that understanding and a full use of available contraceptives, some women end up getting pregnant accidentally before they ever planned to. As the shock of pregnancy reveals itself, the now expectant mother has a difficult choice to make: what does one do with a baby they honestly didn't plan to have? Researchers have discovered an interesting fact involving the choice between birth and abortion: 78 percent of women decide to give birth after having a simple ultrasound:

Simple Technology Brings Life

Those who speak strongly on the pro-life front praise the technology of the ultrasound, claiming that viewing the heartbeat of the early child in the womb can change the mind of the majority of women. Over the years, the research completed showing the links between life and the ultrasound have even changed the law in certain American states. In Texas, for example, those preparing for an abortion are required by law to have an ultrasound shown to them before the procedure takes place-- ensuring that the pregnant woman is fully aware of all the facts regarding her pregnancy.

Creative Ultrasounds

In states that do not require an ultrasound, pro-life groups have created interesting ways to make sure that women heading to the abortion clinic have the option to get a free sonogram. Save the Storks, a creative group using the old wives tale of the stork to address the issue of abortion, has created a traveling clinic within comfortable buses that can travel throughout America. The group claims that three of every five individuals who climb aboard for a closer look via a sonogram decide to keep their baby.

More Than Two Choices

In the classic argument, most people simply believe they have two options: to keep their baby, or have an abortion. In the modern world, however, there are an endless list of options to consider in the world of pregnancy. For example, if you absolutely cannot keep the baby but feel uncomfortable with the idea of abortion, consider putting the child up for adoption or getting pregnancy counseling with a company like Hope's Promise. While you may not be able to provide best for the baby's needs, there are plenty of couples all throughout the country who are looking for a child of their own to love through adoption-- and you may be the person to deliver that to them.