Add To The Fun: Trampoline Accessories You’ll Love

So you have a shiny new trampoline in your backyard -- but you feel like you're missing something. What do companies offer to let youngsters have even more fun with these attractive backyard amenities? Take a look at this list of common trampoline additions, to think about what might make your backyard play area better.

Netting or Screening

A lot of trampolines have attractive nets or screens around them. These can help keep balls or other play items in the trampoline space, and they can also help youngsters from falling off and hurting themselves.

Spring Covers

One of the biggest dangers with a backyard trampoline of any size is the trampoline springs. There's a chance that as these springs quickly expand and contract, little fingers can get stuck in them. That's why companies offer a variety of spring covers to help minimize the chances of injury and maximize your children's enjoyment of a backyard trampoline.

Steps or Ladders

There's also the question of how kids get up onto the trampoline. If they're six, seven or eight years old, they can get up by themselves. If they're one or two, you'll have to lift them up yourself. But there's an in-between range where it's helpful to have a ladder or a set of stairs to help toddlers explore these vertical surroundings. And even for adult jumpers, accessible steps make a trampoline easier to use, which adds to the fun.

Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Want to shoot hoops from your trampoline? For those who like the challenge of making lay-ups on a springy surface, companies offer adjustable backboards that can be added to the trampoline vertically.

Balls and Foam Objects

Foam balls, foam rockets and other items help make trampoline play last longer. Especially for younger kids, these are great additions that don't cost a lot, but add a lot to the imaginative play that happens in the average backyard.

Trampoline Boards

Sports like skateboarding and snowboarding are now extremely popular. Not to be outdone, trampoline companies and toy companies have added the trampoline board, something that looks at a skateboard with features that allow it to easily bounce up from the trampoline surface. Let your kids do ollies, imaginary ramp jumps and 360s with these neat and innovative toys.

These are some ways to jazz up the trampoline in your backyard or other space to get kids more interested long-term and get more hours of enjoyment out of your investment.